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4110Few PSAPPSRV services are not getting utilised.

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  • chris_psadm
    May 3, 2010
      We are running 2 application servers & started 10 PSAPPSRV services ( 5 for each application server)What we have observerd is 2 PSAPPSRV services on one of the application server are used less ( Checked from server status from psadmin menu).For example - 3 PSAPPSRV are doing load of 20,000 requsts & in same time other 2 are doing somewhere around 700 requests, I believe all the PSAPPSRV services should be used evenly. i.e. they should performs same number of reqests, not sure why we are seeing this difference. If anyone can tell what could be the reason or issue please let us know.

      Versions - PeopleTools - 8.49.13 HRMS 8.9

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