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3177Re: instalation of peoplesoft on oracle & functional docs required......

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    Apr 20, 2008
      Hi Balaji,

      The best resource of PeopleSoft installation is no doubt PeopleTools
      Installation guide, which can be downlaoded from PeopleSoft Customer

      I can however list you the main steps need to perform PS installaion
      on Oracle on same server.

      1. Install DB server (Oracle)
      2. Install Tuxedo/Welogic
      3. Create PS_HOME by installing PeopleTools CDs.
      4. Install PS application CD (HR/FIN/CRM etc) in same PS_HOME as
      Tools PS_HOME.
      5. Crete Database using DB config wizzard or Manually (Preferable).
      You need to run six .sql scripts and few dms script. Please reer
      install doc for exact names.
      6. Configure App server.Process Sched.
      7. Install PIA.
      8. Check n-Tier connectivity.

      If you need clarification on any step. Please let us know.

      Michael Sharma
      Senior PS consultant

      --- In psftdba@yahoogroups.com, "balaji_kumar_katta"
      <balaji_kumar_katta@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am trying to install peoplesoft on Oracle, but unfortunately i
      > strucking at the instalation of the database itself.
      > can anysend any information regarding this....
      > i require the functional Documents, if any can refer that it will
      > more helpfull for me.
      > Thanks in Advance.
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