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  • David Kurtz
    Nov 3, 2005
      What is the environment of the DOS shell created by Control-M. When I start
      an application server with a batch file I usually only have to set TUXDIR
      and PS_HOME.

      Is Control-M adding anything else to the path such that it is exceeding the
      maximum length?
      Try adding a SET command to the script and redirecting the output to a file.

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      > Gurus
      > We're got a BMC control-m installation here, we use it to schedule
      > administration stuff for peoplesoft, like starting and stopping
      > appserver domains, webservers etc.
      > It worked very well on HP-UX for several years, but the windows flavor
      > of Control-M seems to be different :
      > I can stop an appserver, but I can't start it.
      > We're using batch files to start and stop appservers, they've been
      > tested on windows, but control-M erors out when running the start
      > script, which contains
      > c:
      > cd \ep846\appserv
      > psadmin -c boot -d DSSPS81
      > This is driving me nuts, so if someone can offer advice or, even better,
      > a solution, I'd really appreciate it.
      > Thanks a lot
      > PJ Pallez
      > BIS-Switzerland
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