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Re: Rhinoprussia

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  • lapflash
    Hello Meggie, I found the below information on Peter Kiebel. I will post an image of the Ohio census. Gordon 1- The following information was found on Family
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 14, 2002
      Hello Meggie, I found the below information on Peter Kiebel. I will
      post an image of the Ohio census.


      1- The following information was found on Family Tree Maker , CD#354:

      Place: New York
      Year: 1857
      Age: 19

      Primary Immigrant: Kiebel, Peter

      Source Code: 1133.38

      Source Publication:
      CASSADY, MICHAEL. "Ship Passenger Lists." In Illinois State
      Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol. 15:1 (Spring 1983), pp. 2-8.

      Source Page Number: 3

      Permanent Entry Number: 1346995
      Accession Number: 8773510

      2- The following information was found on Family Tree Maker, CD#355:

      Passenger's Name: Peter Kiebel
      Age: 19
      Gender: Male
      Occupation: Coach Maker
      Last Residence: Prussia
      Date of Arrival: Jun 20, 1857
      Final Destination: Chicago
      Purpose for Travel: Staying in the USA
      Ship's Name: Belgique
      Captain's Name: M. J. Frantzen
      Manifest ID Number: 00008957
      Port of Embarkation: Marseilles
      Mode of Travel: Steerage

      3- The attachment is part of the U.S. 1870 census ledger, page 388,
      State of Ohio, Henry County, Plesant Township. These records are not
      indexed and so, one must review hundreds of individual pages while
      searching. The record shows:

      a - line 25, Peter Kiebel, age 32, with occupation; Ret DG Merchant
      (I suspect that means Retail Dry Goods Merchant)
      b- line 26, Barbara, age 26
      c- line 27, Mary, age 2
      d- line 28, John, age 33(living with), with occupation; Clerks in

      I am not sure what exact information you need but, if you tell me, I
      will try to help you. The town of New Bavaria, Ohio is about 600
      kilometers from my home in Pennsylvania. Thank you again, for your
      response. Gordon


      -- In prussiangenealogy@y..., meggi260354 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Gordon,
      > I am from germany and live in "Rhineprussia". I am searching for
      > decendents of my ggrand-uncle Peter Kiebel. He emigrated to US in
      > and was born 1838. He came from Rhineprussia. Rhineprussia was a
      > of the Kingdom of Prussia. Today Rhineprussia is called
      > Rheinland-Pfalz county (Rhine = Rhine river). If you go to:
      > http://www-lib.iupui.edu/kade/nameword/map4.html
      > you see an old map, 1850, of germany.
      > The main city of Rheinland-Pflaz is Mainz with a main univerity.
      > I try to find out more about "Doetsch" name.
      > Many regards from the sunny Mainz,
      > Mechthild Becker
      > -- In prussiangenealogy@y..., "lapflash" <gfath113@e...> wrote:
      > > Hello, I am trying to trace my great grandfather, a Doctor Jacob
      > > Doetsch. I know that he was born about 1839 and was a young
      > > in the Prussian Army(I have a photo)He migrated to the US
      > > in the 1860's and was married in Pennsylvania in 1870. Census
      > > show he was from "Rhinoprussia" but, nothing further. I find him
      > > the Directory of Deceased American Physicians but no amplifying
      > > information. He died sometime between 1880-1890 when his widow
      > > remarried.I also have a picture of Doctor Doetsch's father,
      > > with longcoat and medals but again, no name. I thought that I
      > > research Prussian Universities since he was a doctor but,
      > > to what I can find out, there were 21 Prussian Universities with
      > > medical programs in the mid 1850's. Does anyone know where
      > > Rhinoprussia is and how I might break the code on tracing Dr
      > > Doetsch's roots ? Thanks, Gordon Fath
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