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  • richardsonsuzanne
    ... Hello Avis, I have had quite a time researching my Prussian ancestors also as I have read some sites that tell you they will only research if you live in
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      --- In prussiangenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "flea4u2" <flea_4u@...> wrote:
      > Hi one and all. I'm looking for any information on how to look
      > up Prussian officers. My ggrandfather Rudolph Schneider came to the
      > US in 1883 from Prussia. Can't make out the town he came from it's
      > something like Luetzerdorf? Prussia. It could be spelt way different
      > from that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      > Avis
      Hello Avis, I have had quite a time researching my Prussian ancestors
      also as I have read some sites that tell you they will only research
      if you live in that area but I still keep trying. If you know any
      other info on you ggrandfather like who he was married to it might
      help. I did find this on rootsweb about a Rudolph Schneider, don't
      know if it will help but will send it to you. Look below my name


      Rudolf Alexander SCHNEIDER / Augusta RAFINSKI
      Husband: Rudolf Alexander SCHNEIDER
      Born: 24 Dec 1863 at: Prussia, GERMANY
      Married: 2 Jan 1890[2156] at: Detroit, Michigan
      Died: 14 Feb 1936 at: Michigan
      Father: Friederich Edward SCHNEIDER
      Mother: Henrietta DREWS
      Spouses: Augusta RAFINSKI
      Notes: [95]
      Wife: Augusta RAFINSKI
      Born: 28 Aug 1866 at: GERMANY
      Died: 2 Feb 1949 at: Michigan
      Father: Adam RAFINSKI
      Mother: Caroline SCHMILEFSKI
      Spouses: Rudolf Alexander SCHNEIDER
      Notes: [104]
      Name: Carl SCHNEIDER
      Born: at:
      Died: at:
      Name: William Frederich SCHNEIDER [109]
      Born: 26 Nov 1890 at:
      Married: [2162] at:
      Died: 16 Aug 1964[107] at:
      Spouses: Louise WISHBOLDT
      Name: Rudolf Alexander SCHNEIDER Jr.
      Born: 26 Nov 1891 at:
      Married: ABT 1911 at:
      Died: 16 May 1942 at:
      Spouses: Jennie SCHNEIDER
      Name: Otto Walter SCHNEIDER
      Born: 7 Mar 1894 at:
      Married: at:
      Died: 13 Oct 1961 at:
      Spouses: Lydia F. HERNE
      Name: Frida Wilhelmina SCHNEIDER
      Born: 18 Oct 1896 at:
      Married: 1917 at:
      Died: 5 Jun 1981 at: Michigan
      Spouses: Martin Terrence BERTRAM
      Name: Arthur Adam SCHNEIDER
      Born: 21 Oct 1898 at:
      Married: at:
      Died: 21 Dec 1966 at:
      Spouses: Marie SCHNELL
      Name: Edmund George SCHNEIDER
      Born: 4 Feb 1901 at: Detroit, MI
      Died: 19 Jun 1905 at:
      Name: Alma Louise SCHNEIDER
      Born: 14 May 1904 at:
      Married: at:
      Died: 1 Apr 1929 at:
      Spouses: Karl WITT
      Name: Henry John SCHNEIDER
      Born: 12 Jun 1907 at:
      Married: at:
      Died: at:
      Spouses: Betty TEEDMAN
      Name: Herbert Adolf SCHNEIDER
      Born: 4 Apr 1910 at:
      Married: at:
      Died: 9 Feb 1979 at: Michigan
      Spouses: Aline TAYLOR


      [95] Rudolph Schneider was born in Dec 1863 in Prussia, Germany. He
      emigrated to the United States prior to 1886 . He was naturalized as
      an American citizen May 12, 1888 in Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan.
      Two years late, on Jan 2, 1890 he married Augusta Rafinski in Detroit,
      Michigan and proceeded to build a family. By the 1900 census, the
      couple have 5 children, Rudolph is listed as a harness maker, and they
      reside at 434 Lansing Ave, Detroit, Mi. By the 1910 census, Rudolph is
      working as a laborer for the Standard Oil Company, and the count of
      children is at 8. The 1920 census lists Rudolph Schneider as an auto
      factory worker and apparently renting out an upstairs apartment to his
      daughter Freida and her husband Martin Terrence Bertram and Martin's
      mother, Catherine Laura Barbour.

      [97] Schneider, Rudolph A, 46, 20 years married,Germany,
      Germany,Germany, Imm 1883,Nat,Laborer, Standard Oil Co.
      Augusta, 43 20 years married, 10 children, 8 living, Germany,Germany,
      Germany , Imm 1885,
      Rudolph A. Jr, 18 , son, Michigan, Germany, Germany, bookbinder,
      Otto W., 16,son, Michigan carpet maker, carpet factory
      Frida W. , daughter, 13, daughter, Michigan, no occupation
      Arthur A. , son, 11, Michigan
      Alma L., daughter, 5,Michigan
      Frederick F., son, 2, Michigan
      Herbert A. , son, 1/12 , Michigan

      [98] According to declaration of Intent, filed 12 May 1888, Rudolph
      arrived in the US in 1879, from Bremen .

      [99] Schneider, Rudolph A., head,Dec, 1863, 36, m,10 years married,
      Germany, Imm 1886, harnessmaker, 14 years in country
      Augusta , wife, Aug, 1866,33, 10 years married, 5 children, 5 living,
      Germany, Imm 1887, 12 years in country
      William, son, Oct, 1890,9, Michigan, at school
      Rudolph, son, Nov , 1891, 8, Michigan, at school
      Otto, son, Mar, 1894, 6,Michigan
      Frida, daughter, Oct, 1896, 3, Michigan
      Arthur, son, Oct 1898, 1, Michigan

      [100] SCHNEIDER -- Feb. 14, at residence, 1250 Lansing, Rudolph A.,
      beloved husband of Augusta, dear father of William
      of Cissnapark (?), Ill., Rudolph JR., Otto, Arthur, Henry, Herbert,
      Mrs Martin Bertram; dear brother of August
      Schneider, of Port Huron, Mich.; grandfather of 15 (?) grandchildren;
      member of L. B. M.. Funeral from above residence
      Monday, 2 p. m., Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 2:30 p. m., interment at

      [104]Augusta Rafinski, daughter of Adam ( Micheal ? ) Rafinski, came
      to the United States in 1887 aboard the ship "California" ,
      accompanied by her sister Carolina Januschewski and neice Bertha
      Januschewski. She landed in New York at age 25, by the ship's log. The
      following year she was naturalized as a US citizen in Wayne County,
      Michigan. On Jan 2, 1890, she married Rudolph A. Schneider, another
      recent immigrant and began to raise a fine family. She worked as a
      domestic during this time. Her sons and daughters were a closely knit
      group throughout their lives. That stability added much to the lives
      of their children as well. Augusta Rafinski Schneider passed away Dec
      2, 1949 in Detroit, Mi.

      [101] Arrived aboard ship "California" , with sister Caroline

      [105] Some after thoughts:
      1. The story from Eleanor is that Augusta Rafinski had an older brother
      (avoiding the army) who she accompanied (unwillingly) to the USA. She
      was supposed to have been about 15 years old (that doesn't jibe with
      your record of age 25 per ship's log). That maybe they stopped in
      Pennsylvania (or close by) because they had sponsors there before moving
      on to Detroit (by next year per your citizenship data. Got no name for
      the brother. But well known Augusta had a sister Caroline Janusehewsfki
      who was mentioned in August's obituary and was known to Eleanor and
      Aline. Caroline lived in the neighborhood (528 Morrell St, Det). I
      didn't find anyone with that surname in the current Switchboard.com for
      Detroit or Port Huron.

      2.Regarding Ruloph's family there are stories of a "uncle" who had a farm
      on Grosse Isle and went broke (Art). And of relatives in Port Huron
      involving an old man "uncle" and his daughter (Herb/Aline visited in
      ~1938), and maybe other "cousins" who like to fish a lot (Art). A "bunch"
      of them showed up a funeral one day. Eleanor lists as Port Huron
      Mr and Mrs Linwood Schneider, Herman Schneider at 614 Division St., and
      Lora Schneider. (Hey, are names mentioned in Rudolphs obit??). No
      Schneiders by those names are currently in Switchboard.com, but they may
      all be dead by now.

      Art says that Rudolph built his own house at 1250 Lansing St. and wonders
      where he got the money. Also says that Rudolph's brother was in on the
      deal and had a butcher shop on the next lot to the North. That shop
      became a candy store owned by someone else. Perhaps that could be traced
      thru property records. Your census data indicates the 1900 residence at
      434 Lansing. I'll have to ask the older cousins if the knew of another
      homestead in the area.

      3. You may not be aware that Rudolph and Augusta had years of disability
      before their deaths. Rudolph was crippled with arthritis (and ?) and
      Augusta has suffered a stroke or dementia. I remember she was "out of
      it" and immobile for years before her death. Herbert (later with Aline)
      bore the burden of caring for them for many years. Lastly, care fell to
      the William Schneider's, the last family living in the house with

      [106]SCHNEIDER-- Augusta wife of the late Rudolph Sr mother of William
      Otto Mrs Frida Bertram, Arthur, Henry, Herbert and the late Rudolph Jr
      and Mrs Alma Witt sister of Mrs Caroline Janusehewsfki also survived
      by 17 grandchildrenand 9 great grandchildren At residence 1250 Lansing
      until 10 a m Saturday In state Bethlehem Lutheran Church (McKinstry
      near Porter) from 12 noon until time of service at 1 p m Saturday.

      [109] Just had independent confirmation that we had the right August
      all along. Cousin Arthur Schneider in Lincoln Park found a guest book
      for his father William's funeral from ~18 Aug 1964. Signing in for the
      Port Huron attendees were "Mr and Mrs Linwood Schneider, Herman Schneider
      (614 Division St), and Lora Schneider." Various Detroit cousins have
      already affirmed from memory the names of Port Huron relatives included
      Uncle August, Herman, Fred, Bertha, and Hattie.
      This affirms the families:
      August H. Schneider (1861-1941) X Edith Thrun (1866-1934),
      with children William, Bertha, Herman, Lena, Albert (Fred?)
      and children of Herman (1892-1974) X Hattie (1894-1957)
      Laura, Norbert and Linwood.

      Still a mystery is why the father of this August was listed in his death
      record as Herman instead of Edward.; and what happened to William and

      [110]William Frederick Edward Schneider (October 16, 1890 - August 16,
      1964) was the first of ten children born to Rudolph Schneider and
      Augusta (Rafinski) Schneider. Like all of their children, he was
      baptized at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Detroit, as an infant.

      William became a Lutheran parochial school teacher, instructing in
      both German and English at schools in mid Michigan, Illinois, and
      Detroit. He received college training from Addison Normal School, in
      Addison Illinois. He married Louise Minna Alvina Wickboldt (January
      22, 1892 - June 20, 1958) on July 15, 1914 in Chicago.

      The young couple accepted a call to Trinity Lutheran Church and School
      in Bay County, Michigan and started a family. Their first child, a boy
      they named Walter Otto, born April 2, 1916, died at the age of 6 weeks
      during circumcision. Their first girl, Eleanor Martha Minnie Augusta
      (June 16, 1917), was born there also.

      Their next call was to St. Matthew Lutheran Church, back in Chicago.
      Born there were Loretta Helen Alma (June 9, 1919) and Ruth Anna
      (February 24, 1921 - September 26, 1922). While in Illinois, William
      was on the Chicago Debating Team and was a part-time violinist with
      the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

      Due to poor health, the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod sent William
      to Saint John Lutheran School in the German farm community of Ash
      Grove, about 100 miles south of Chicago. William was suffering from
      pneumonia, arthritis, and a malaria-like problem that began while he
      was student teacher in Missouri. (Eleanor developed pneumonia also but
      the young girl quickly recovered). Sons Ralph William (June 7, 1926)
      and Arthur Louis (March 11, 1928) were born in Ash Grove.

      Eleanor recalls that they lived right in the country, surrounded by
      corn fields. There was a teacherage, school, pastor's home, church,
      cemetery, and sheds for the horses used by some of the children and
      congregation members. There were lots of trees, bushes, flowers, and
      lawn. One day, sister Ruth Anna developed a high fever with
      convulsions and dad got on the telephone and cranked it like mad. It
      was a party line, and that meant listen in for trouble. He said he
      needed a doctor and a man said "I'll call Doctor Roberts for you."
      First to arrive was a buggy with Mrs. Ekhoff-a church member and
      widow. She left her children, hitched up the horse, lit lanterns, and
      came across dark roads to be with mother. She was loved by all of us
      and a bright spot in our life in Ash Grove. Shortly after, Doc.
      Roberts arrived in his buggy. We girls were sent to bed. Next morning
      ma and pa woke us to say Ruth had died.

      The family moved to Detroit in the 1940s. Residences there included
      the Rudolph family homestead on Lansing Street in SW Detroit (where he
      help care for his mother) and, lastly, in Allen Park, Michigan. Louise
      died in 1958 of natural causes. William died in a 1964 car accident
      that also claimed the life of his grandson, Paul Rossow. William and
      Louise are interred at Glen Eden Memorial Park.

      Written August 21, 2005

      [2156] [S213] Marriage Record

      * PAGE: Wayne County Marriage record, quarter ending Mar 31 1890

      [96] [S220] Naturalization Record

      * PAGE: Certificate of Citizenship issued to Rudolph Schneider by
      Circuit Court

      [102] [S218] Ships List

      * PAGE: Germans to America Vol 55 Page 264, Auguse Rafinski, Age
      25, Ship: Califo

      [103] [S219] Census Record

      * PAGE: Naturalized in 1888 according to 1920 census

      [108] [S263] 1930 Census

      [107] [S216] Family Letter

      [111] [S275] Research of Jim Schneider

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