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  • jdghoosier <jdghoosier@yahoo.com>
    Feb 15, 2003
      Hi! I've not had any success in finding out what became of my third
      great-grandparents who came from Prussia, Germany in 1840. They
      settle somewhere in Canada and then in 1850 their son John Peter
      Gillis came to Illinois (Georgetown) and met with his wife Rebecca
      Church and they moved to Eugene, Indiana a year after they were
      married and spent the rest of their lives there. I do not know if
      John Peter's parents came to Illinois with him. Since I do not have
      the county, providence of the Canadian territory and/or Prussia,
      Germany...I'm at a complete stall. Any suggestions out there? Are
      there any Gillises or branches of the Gillis family a member of this
      site. I do know that the Gillis name is a common German name and
      especially the names of my older ancestors, Mathias, John, Peter,
      Anna, Carl, etc. By the way, Rebecca Church's parents came from
      Prussia as well as so did my great-grandmother's parents who were