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  • te_space
    Nov 2 10:07 AM
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      --- In prussiangenealogy@y..., "jens_hofstaedt2000"
      <m-u.hofstaedt@w...> wrote:
      > Hello
      > I´m Jens I came from Germany and are interesting for
      genealogy for
      > six years. My ancestors came from Eastprussia. They live in
      > Groß Gnie, Muldzen and Pillkallen. Pillkallen are in the near of
      > Gumbinnen and the other towns in the near of Königsberg I
      > I´m don´t searching only in Eastprussia. I´m searching in
      > Rügen and Stralsund, in Saxony Bautzen, Dresden, Halle,
      Leipzig and
      > the area around them. The south of Hamburg. Eltville and
      Erbach (in
      > the near of Wiesbaden) in Rheinland-Pfalz. Niedersachsen
      > Elze, Neindorf, Almke, Grasleben and Thüringen Günterode
      > Neuendorf.
      > I hope there is anybody who is searching in the same areas. If
      > want know the familynames please mail.
      > And sorry for my terribel english but I will learn.
      > Regards
      > Jens

      Welcome Jens,

      I am Terri, I come from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. One of
      my German ancestors came here 1746. He was Johan Adam
      Neu. He came from Kleinich, Hunsruck, Germany.

      Others names I am searching for are Nohrenhold/ Nornhold/
      Narhold. When our ancestors came to America alot of spelling
      happen to their last names.

      My friend is searching for Bohm. His parents settled in New York
      in the fifties. His parents are from Germany.

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