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  • meggi260354
    Jun 23, 2002
      Hello Gordon,
      I am from germany and live in "Rhineprussia". I am searching for the
      decendents of my ggrand-uncle Peter Kiebel. He emigrated to US in 1857
      and was born 1838. He came from Rhineprussia. Rhineprussia was a part
      of the Kingdom of Prussia. Today Rhineprussia is called
      Rheinland-Pfalz county (Rhine = Rhine river). If you go to:
      you see an old map, 1850, of germany.
      The main city of Rheinland-Pflaz is Mainz with a main univerity.
      I try to find out more about "Doetsch" name.

      Many regards from the sunny Mainz,

      Mechthild Becker

      -- In prussiangenealogy@y..., "lapflash" <gfath113@e...> wrote:
      > Hello, I am trying to trace my great grandfather, a Doctor Jacob
      > Doetsch. I know that he was born about 1839 and was a young officer
      > in the Prussian Army(I have a photo)He migrated to the US sometime
      > in the 1860's and was married in Pennsylvania in 1870. Census forms
      > show he was from "Rhinoprussia" but, nothing further. I find him in
      > the Directory of Deceased American Physicians but no amplifying
      > information. He died sometime between 1880-1890 when his widow
      > remarried.I also have a picture of Doctor Doetsch's father, complete
      > with longcoat and medals but again, no name. I thought that I might
      > research Prussian Universities since he was a doctor but, according
      > to what I can find out, there were 21 Prussian Universities with
      > medical programs in the mid 1850's. Does anyone know where
      > Rhinoprussia is and how I might break the code on tracing Dr
      > Doetsch's roots ? Thanks, Gordon Fath
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