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494A Yahoo Answers style site for Genealogy....

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  • mark_f_rabideau
    Oct 5, 2012
      I am pleased to announce the availability of a Yahoo Answers type site for Genealogy. This site is not for Brickwalls and specific family search or family documentation oriented questions, we already have those functions elsewhere. This is more for Questions & Answers about how to conduct, perform genealogy work; where to find, look for information; how best to use a specific genealogy tool or technology; where to find maps; identifying former place names; and the like. It is basically a place where people who are doing genealogy work can go to ask and give help to each other. If you are curious, you will find GenerousGenealogists sub-site at:

      http://generousgenealogists.com/q2a/ (Please read the entire Welcome message on the GenerousGenealogists Q&A Landing page before you wade in on things.)

      Because this is part of GenerousGenealogists, that means it is Free to use. We are currently in the beta release phase of releasing the site to the world. Enjoy, stop by, use it, let me know what works and what doesn't (I'll try to fix any problems).