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491Are you willing to share?

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  • mark_f_rabideau
    Sep 23, 2012
      Are you willing to share your genealogy experiences & expertise with others? Are you interested in becoming famous? I am looking for people who are willing to write and donate original instructional articles for publication on the GenerousGenealogists website (http://generousgenealogists.com). The articles can be on conducting genealogy research.. genealogical adventures (stories)... genealogy lessons-learned etc. They may not be marketing oriented (although you may include mention of your business and website particulars in an author's bio I will include with each post).

      If you have linkable materials you'd like to share with the readers of GenerousGenealogists as well, we welcome those also.

      If either of these are something that appeals to you, please contact me directly, off-list and we can discuss the details.

      If you are unfamiliar with us, here is a links to our most recent Newsletters:

      To learn more about who we are and what we stand for...