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319Re: [Prussian Genealogy] Schneider

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  • Avis Thirsk
    Jul 2, 2010
      Thank you for your reply.
      It has taken me at least 10 years to get this far. With little to no information.
      I was pretty sure Rudolf was the correct spelling, but have seen it spelt 3 different ways now.
      Amelia I have spelt at least 2 ways. Have them entering the US in 1883 and then again in 1900 PA.
      I'm still grasping at straws as to where they came from and what family was left in Prussia.

      Have a safe 4th.

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      Hi Avis

      Loetzen seems to have been a town near the former Allenstein in East
      Prussia (Allenstein, Ostpreussen)-- now in Poland. see:

      Of the names you have Rudolf is the correct traditional German
      spelling... Amelia/Emelia is not a very common German female name-
      perhaps she Americanized it? I'd use LDS Church records to see if you
      can find the Loetzen Church (probably Catholic is the best place to

      Good luck!

      Pax Vobiscum,
      ...mark (Mark Rabideau)

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