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  • NChristsLuv
    Aug 17, 2008
      I am a new member of this group. I am looking to connect with other researchers who have ancestors in their family tree with the surnames Zastrow, Rosentreter, and Steinagle. I'm not certain exactly WHERE in Prussia all of those surnames came from. I know that it's difficult to narrow the search without a specific area, that's why I'm hoping that someone might direct me to where their ancestors with the same surnames came from, so I might be able to search in those areas, too. I DO know that my Zastrow ancestors were from Stettin.

      Another reason for my posting today is to share information I recently received from another list. This is a website that has some historical elements on Prussia. Anyone interested can go to http://www3.adnc.com/~lynnd/gfaqj.html I've long wondered about the origins of the area and this site had an answer that made sense to me along with a bunch of other questions I found interesting:

      Q1: What and where was Prussia?
      Q2: What about the kings in Germany?
      Q3: Who were the Prussian kings?
      Q4: Where does the name Prussia come from?
      Q5: What were the administrative areas of Prussia in 1895?
      Q6: Where do I write for birth certificate for someone born in Prussia?
      Q7: How do I find locations and maps for Prussia?
      Q8: When were civil registers introduced?
      Q9: Where can I get more information on the Prussian provinces?
      Q10: Are there emigration records available for Prussian emigrants?
      Q11: Is there a listserv for Prussia?
      Q12: What are the main genealogical sources for Prussia?
      Q13: Where can I find military records?
      Q14: Can you describe the Prussian school system before WWII?

      I hope that someone might be able to steer me in the right direction, since I am new to Prussian searches. Maybe someday I might be helpful to other Prussian researchers.

      Geneologically yours,

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