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276Re: [Prussian Genealogy] Herzog family name

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  • tom stehli
    Jun 8, 2008
      What contacts have you been using to locate Prussian information - genealogy. I have not had much luck. I am looking for 'Plotzkeu' family information. Good luck

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      Subject: [Prussian Genealogy] Herzog family name
      To: prussiangenealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, June 8, 2008, 12:27 PM

      I'm new to this group. I am trying to find my ancestors in Prussia.
      I'll tell you what I know so far.
      Friederich Johan Herzog born c. 1862, came to US c 1881. His parents
      Friederich Herzog born C. 1833 d 1910 in Chicago and Wilhelmina c.
      1837 d 1900 in Chicago.
      Fred J. married Susanna Weiss from Grethen,Bavaria. (I've traced her
      family back a couple of generations. )
      Fred and Susanna's 1st 3 children beginning in 1883 were born in TX,
      the others, beginning in 1888 were born in Cook Co, IL.
      I have a letter, translated by my grandfather from his mother which
      says they were from "Twin hills", but a great aunt said it
      is "Twincities" . There is also a description of a coat of arms given
      to an ancestor during the 30 years war of a group of women being
      protected by a soldier/knight/ duke.
      One of the birth certificates of my great uncle, with info given by
      his elder sibling in 1942, lists a place of birth for my great
      grandfather as Matschulen or something like that. i haven't found a
      city like that either.
      I have some death certificates but none give me any info beyond pob
      Germany. I have not been able to locate naturalization info or
      immigration info.
      This is long but I thought the more info I gave, the more possibility
      someone could help me get beyond this brick wall. I've been stuck
      here for about 5 years.
      Mary Herzog Diebel

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