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274Jürgen Friedrich Schley und Marie Dewitz

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  • Anne Schley
    Jun 1, 2008
      I now have additional information about the persons in the subject.
      Jürgen Friedrich Schley was born in 1710, in ?, died 18 October 1772 in
      Pieverstorf near Ankershagen.
      He was married to Hedwig Christine Schock, born 1698, in ?, died 1 June
      1772 in Pieverstorf near Ankershagen.
      They had no children.
      In 1763 Jürgen Friedrich was the owner of Schloss Pieverstorf and he
      and the maid Marie Dewitz, got a son Johann Friedrich who was born 29
      May 1763 in Pieverstorf.
      I'm looking for more information about Jürgen Friedrich Schley, Hedwig
      Christine Schock and Marie Dewitz.

      Anne Schley
      The Netherlands