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268Chasing two countries. Any suggestions?

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  • mhsbroncos2000
    Jan 25, 2008
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      Hessen-Darmstadt or Prussia?

      I have family helping me, thank god.
      But it's still confusiing.
      I've found things in Kansas that should fit- found the Fourier name
      there in the area- but how to go after what else could be
      there in Nebraksa and Illinois is something I'm still looking at.

      But what's worrying me is Europe.

      I knew it wouldn't be easy, even with help, but this is nuts.

      I hope to find more beofre looking for a researcher- which is
      something I may end up doing on parts of my tree.

      So what would you suggest I do with informatiton pointing to two
      different states and countires?

      I can spread it out to family, but I want to contribute.

      How does anyone go about something like this?
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