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247Ha!! No one ever said research doesn't pay off.....

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  • Douglas L Buchholz
    Nov 26, 2006
      "Austesford" according to William Henry Buckholz's Pension record
      photo-copies is actually "Hustisford" there in Dodge County,
      Wisconsin. He married to Augustine/Augusta/ Henriette Marie Koehler
      on August 25, 1848 according to his own written statements.

      For the life of me, as I don't speak but very little German nowadays
      and have lost it over the many years, couldn't figure out what
      geographical location Austesford would be within Dodge County,

      Looking into Section 1, of T10 N, 16E 80 Acres that Ferdinand Koehler
      bought in February 10, 1848 I finally found a Platt Map of the county
      which would pretty much tell me a few answers. I cross referenced it
      with some other maps and ran across a map of the smaller townships
      within Dodge County and noticed next to Herman and Hubbard Twp's that
      there is this Hustisford. Boy, you all oughtta seen the look come
      across my face at 3 a.m. when I added it all up in my mind !!!

      So, now the question is whether or not there is anything in the land
      records that would clue me on where Buchholz was living, where he
      bought the land, when he sold the land, and the like. Cause in 1850
      and 1855 he was in Greenville, Brown/Outagamie County, Wisconsin with
      Ferdinand Kailer, Koehler his father in law.......

      Anyway, I hope that other folks on this message board are having some
      tidbits of new enlightening info come to them as well.

      Douglas Lloyd Buchholz