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  • Douglas L Buchholz
    Nov 17, 2006
      According to his son John Henry Buchholz of April 19, 1930 of Lake City
      Precinct, King County, Washington State states that both his parents
      William Henry Buchholz and Augustine/Augusta/Auguste
      Koehler/Keller/Kailer/Kohler were from Germany Rhineland.

      Then there is the other Census for John Henry Buchholz brother William
      Frederich/Francis Buchholz in the 1920 Census for Cambridge, Washington
      County, Idaho states that both his parents Wilhelm Buchholz and wife
      Augusta were born in Berlin, Germany but "Berlin" is both crossed out.

      If anyone can help me lock in on Koehler or Buchholz over there in
      Gemany I would emmensely appreiate it.

      Douglas Lloyd Buchholz