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244Re: Wihelm Buchholz Bucholz Buchholtz Buckholz Jan 19, 1826 Prussia Prueben Germany

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  • gondor1963
    Nov 7, 2006
      I don't know how much luck you will have. Do you have a subscription to
      ancestry.com? They have a new "German Section" were you may look. If
      you do not, let me know and I will look while I still have mine (I may
      cancel it next month just because I seem to have gotten all I'm going
      to get from it).
      From what I understand, a lot of records that we would just love to get
      hold of went poof in WWII. Don't people realize we are going to need
      those things?! For example, my sis-in-law is a wills and trust lawyer
      and had to go to Germany over a contested will. She went to a lot of
      government and various other resources but could find no information on
      that part of the family because all had been destroyed. I know that I
      am getting pretty frustrated at times. I know that is not much use but
      there you have it. Maybe doing a google search for something
      like "German genealogical resources".
      I know that PA is known for its large German influx, but I know from
      looking for my own family records that the midwest really had its
      share. My maternal grandfather was Raymond (W?) Landgraf (lived in
      Chicago) and his parents were from Prussia. I have had no luck getting
      beyond finding my grandfather's parents on the census. It's the same
      deal with my paternal grandmother (also lived in Chicago) who was first
      generation American with Prussian parents. She was Bertha Johanna Hoch.
      Then my mother's aunt married Herman Ludwig, also first generation in
      Chicago. I know much more about that family's death (husband, wife, two
      daughters) because they all perished in the Iroquois Theatre Fire of
      December 1903 in Chicago.
      BTW, I had family in Outagamie County, WI also (not German). They lived
      in Appleton. I wonder if they ever met...

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