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243Wihelm Buchholz Bucholz Buchholtz Buckholz Jan 19, 1826 Prussia Prueben Germany

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  • Douglas L Buchholz
    Nov 6, 2006
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      Does anyone know how I may research for this man's ancestry.....?

      I am the descendant of this man who supposedly came over from Prussia
      in ca. 1844. He married to Augustine Koehler on August 25, 1848 in
      Dodge County, WI by Squire Botter. According to the Pension Record
      for William Buckholz he married in Austesfort (sp?) there in
      Wisconsin. Then by 1850 he was in Greenville, Outagamie or Brown
      County, WI along with his father-in-law Ferdinand Koehler Keller
      Kailer who came over from Zehden, Koeingsburg, Prussia in 1846 via
      Brandenburg Ship List Records via Ancestry.com.....

      I suspect William Henry (Wilhelm Heinrich) Buchholz may have erred on
      his birthdate and he may have been the son of Johann Heinrich
      Buchholz and Elizabeth Becker of Sophien, Berlin Stadt, Germany who
      was born in the early summer of 1826 per the LDS website
      familysearch.com (org?) but I am not sure.

      I would be delighted to share my genealogical information with
      anyone. I am desperately trying to find my Wilhelm Heinrich
      Buchholz's ancestors in Prussia Pruben Germany but have had
      absolutely no luck at all with this lineage. If someone could please
      help me I would be emmensely appreciative.


      Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
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