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210Rohland surname

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  • Christopher Rohland
    Mar 8, 2006
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      Hello, this is what I know so far:

      I. Theodor Rohland born about 1830 in Prussia.
      Marriage to Willhelmina Erdmann, date and location
      unknown. They had 5 childern in Prussia before
      immigrating to the US:
      Bertha Emile born about 1857
      Franz Gustav born about 1859
      Otto Wilhelm born about 1861
      Franz Julius born about 1863
      Emma born about 1868 in MN
      Eda born about 1869 in MN

      II. Gustave Rohland born Aug 13, 1858. Marriage to
      unknown Kopriva female, date unknown. Dropped the
      “Franz” when he arrived in the US.
      Their children:
      Paul Gustave, Aug 13 1888, Died Dec 28 1959 in Ramsey
      County, MN.

      III. Paul (from II above) married Elizabeth A Krocak
      (mothers maiden name is Krocak), born Nov 2, 1888,
      Died Aug 29, 1971.
      Their children:
      Florence O born about 1914
      Dolores born about 1915
      Thomas Gustaf born Nov 11 1910.

      IV. Thomas Gustaf (from III above) married Margaret
      Winifred Miner (See Menard, Margaret Winifred,
      Generation III, #1), born Oct 16 1914, marriage date
      unknown. Their children:
      Robert J born Feb 2 1943 in St. Paul, MN
      Richard Anthony born Jun 8 1949 in St. Paul MN
      Mary Jeanne Marie born Mar 25 1952 in St. Paul MN
      Susanne Cecile born Jun 12 1953 in St. Paul MN

      V. 1. Robert J (from IV above) married Linda Mary
      Liesenfeld on May 3, 1968. They had children:
      Patrick Robert (adopted) Aug 13 1971, Hennepin MN
      Christopher Michael Dec 23 1972, St. Paul MN
      Katherine Elizabeth (adopted) Sep 25 1973, Hennepin MN
      Jennifer Anne Aug 22 1980, Anoka MN
      Meghan Marie Sep 16 1982, Anoka MN

      2. Richard Anthony (from IV above) married Nancy
      Louise Miller, date unknown. They had children:
      Theresa Jeanne Mar 9 1990, Chisago MN
      Rebecca Marie Jul 16 1991, Chisago MN
      Daniel Thomas Sep 28 1993, Ramsey MN

      Anyone with additional information please let me know.
      Thanks. Chris

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