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196Looking for info on Zippro surname

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  • hyronymus24
    Aug 27, 2005
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      I always hope that new members to the genealogy-list that I own
      introduce themselves so what better can I do this time myself?

      My name is Jeroen Otto and I'm from The Netherlands. For about 6 years
      I've been infected with the genealogy virus and I already got quite
      some information (~4000 persons). What brings me to a German
      genealogy-list is the Zippro family. My great-grandmother was Anna
      Zippro, born in The Netherlands. Her father (Johann Bernhard Zippro)
      was born in Duisburg. Sofar I've managed to find out who his father
      and his grandfather were but that's also (nearly) all I have been able
      to find. I do know there are still Zippro's living in and around
      Duisburg and there seem to be Zipro's (with one p) in the south-east
      of Germany. I hope that someone can help me with either the address
      of an archive in/around Duisburg or with any other information about
      the Zippro family, especially the ancestors. My genealogy is available
      on the Internet btw:


      Kind regards,

      Jeroen Otto