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186New member searching for Menkowski

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  • heidi_amell
    May 27, 2005
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      I am new to this message group. I am currently researching my great-
      grandmother who was born in Grofs Lesewitz, Marienburg, West Prussia.
      I have a certificate of some sort that is dated 1891 from the
      registrar of Lesewitz. As best I can make out, her parents names were
      Anton and Magdalena Menkowski. My great-grandmother's name was
      Magdalena Elisabeth, but an aunt adopted her and brought her to
      America and she became Elizabeth Krause.

      I'm unsure of how to proceed, I've searched on many different websites
      but am stumped with this surname. Any suggestions or information is
      greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,
      Heidi Amell