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  • Frank Schoemann
    Feb 18, 2005
      My grandfather was born in Liebstadt (I don'tknow which one, as I
      understand there are two) November 11, 1883. He did an
      apprenticesship as a baker from 1898 to 1901 in Danzig. Then he went
      on ships, presumably as a baker, as his workbook showed about 6 or 7
      different ships until he emigrated to US in 1909. I know his parents
      lived in Berlin in the early 1920's and owned a flour mill. I am
      trying to find any information I can on his parents. My grandfather
      had many siblings, but the only ones I know are a brother Fritz, who
      died in Pforzheim in the 1970's, and three sisters--Kate, Lotte and
      Liesbeth whom I believed all died in Berlin in the 1970's.

      Can someone offer suggestions where I may look for Prussian and/or
      German records of birth, death, etc/.

      Also, can someone suggest a professional genealogist that specializes
      in records for this area.

      Thank you.
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