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142Almen, where?

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  • gebygen
    May 18, 2004
      I have just joined the group and hope that someone can help with the
      following puzzle, please.

      I am researching a Cohen family whose children were born in the
      following towns:
      1822 Steindorf - some records say Mecklenburg others Silesia!
      1825 Neudamm - marriage says Neudamm near Frankfurt Oder
      1828 Almen Prussia
      1830 Frankfurt am Main
      1834 Almen Prussia
      1836 Almen Prussia
      1841 Zutphen Holland.

      So far I can't figure out where Steindorf is so I thought the next
      best option may be to find Almen as there were 3 births there. Can
      anyone tell me were Almen is/was the earliest mention of it is in the
      death cert of the child born 1834 and died 1851 and the latest in

      Thanks in advance