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Announcing the Award for Socially relevant products/services

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  • Prime Point Srinivasan
    hi all Prime Point Foundation was founded in 1998 to promote communication awareness. The Foundation has been conducting various events and managing various
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
    hi all

    Prime Point Foundation was founded in 1998 to promote communication awareness.  The Foundation has been conducting various events and managing various online communication groups.  Many eminent and nationally well known persons are also associated with this Foundation and groups. 

    For the past two years, Prime Point Foundation has been honouring outstanding Parliamentarians and UnSung Heroes for their excellent performance and achievement.  This is the only organisation in India, which honours the Parliamentarians for their performance inside the House.  

    The reports and photos of the earlier events of 2010 and 2011 can be seen in the following links.

    There are many Indian companies and organisations who are having world-class socially relevant products / services.  From our experience, we find that most of them do not document well and showcase their achievements.  Because of this, they are unable to participate in the International Awards also.

    In order to create an awareness about proper documentation and showcasing the achievements, from this year onwards, Prime Point Foundation will be recognising  such achievers  during the Annual Awards function.  

    We have now introduced a scheme calling for nominations from such companies / organistions who have successfully marketed a commercially viable and socially relevant product / services.  We attach herewith the contest rules and guidelines.

    We have designed the contest rules, to match the international standards
     and also to suit Indian needs,  in consultation with Dr Y S Rajan (co-author of the book India 2020 with Dr Abdul Kalam) and Mr Bish Mukherjee (Coordinator for Gold Quill Award 2012 of International Association of Business Communicators for Asian Region).  

    As per the guidelines, Work Plan and Work Sample will have equal weightage.  The Award function will be held on 14th April 2012 at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.  

    The last date for submission of entries is 20th March 2012.  A panel of eminent experts will evaluate the entries.  There will be two Awards for outstanding entries.  The entries, scoring more than 75% mark will be given 'Certificate of Merit'.  

    The Awards will be presented by the outstanding Indian Parliamentarians, who will also be honoured during that function in the presence of eminent persons.

    The guidelines can also downloaded from the following link.

    If you need any clarification, please send a mail to prpoint (at) gmail.com.

    You may kindly circulate this mail to your clients and contacts, who may be eligible.  

    K. Srinivasan
    Founder and Chairman
    Prime Point Foundation
    91766 50273

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