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An invitation to join a voluntary movement called PRCI

Over the past 10 years, Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) - has established itself as The pioneer communication professionals’ body in the country.
BNK 24x7
10:46 PM

Not Knowing Onions!

The Indian summer season from April to August is always marked by shortages ranging from water and power supply to essential items. Only thing in plentiful
BNK 24x7
Apr 23

Review of book 'Mass Communication' by J V Vilanilam

i had reviewed the above book. Review has been published in VIDURA -- Press Institute of India Chennai -- in its April-June 2015 issue. This being direct of
chander sardana
Apr 21
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Fwd: Media Conference at Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu (5-9 June 2015):

hi I attach herewith an invitation received from Global Forum for Public Relations (GFPR) for the Media Conference to be held at Mount Abu from 5th to 8th
    Prime Point Srinivasan
    Apr 21
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    Ouch! Outrareous!! Press Club Awards for Craziest Moments

    Subramanian Swamy, Rahul Gandhi, BBC and Shobhaa De, who are among recipients of the Mumbai Press Club's inaugural ‘Golden Ouch’ Awards. This is the prize
    BNK 24x7
    Apr 21

    Re: Vote please! PRCI's unique e-mag

    Good initiative BNK. But let there be more articles and case studies on PR and Commumication can help On Apr 19, 2015 5:11 PM, "BNK 24x7 mailbnk@...
      r.rajeswari iyer
      Apr 19
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      Vote please! PRCI's unique e-mag

      The Public relations Council of India (PRCI) has launched a unique e-mag, taking the Blog route. http://prapport.blogspot.in/ is an instant hit clocking 1500
        BNK 24x7
        Apr 19
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        Top 10 performers of Lok Sabha upto Part I of Budget Session - Mahar

        hi http://www.sansadratna.in/2015/04/top-10-performers-of-lok-sabha-upto.html The fourth Session (Budget Session 2015) of 16th Lok Sabha commenced on 23rd Feb
          Prime Point Srinivasan
          Apr 12
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          Important message - All Bank Balance app is a humbug

          Please forward this message to all your contacts. Date : 11 Apr 2015 RBI cautions on 'All Bank Balance Enquiry' App It has come to the notice of the Reserve
          BNK 24x7
          Apr 12

          Future shock media! Social Media is overtaking fast

          Mr S Narendra, Former PIO and ex-media advser to PM and Govt of Karnataka, analyses the future media scenario. It makes an interesting read. "It is clear that
          BNK 24x7
          Apr 9

          Masterstroke Interview with Mr.B.N.Kumar,National President,Public R

          Good Morning, For this week’s Vikypedia’ Masterstroke Interview, we spoke to an industry veteran *Mr. B. N. Kumar, National President, Public Relations
          Richa Seth
          Apr 7

          96th (March 2015) edition of ezine PreSense: Cover Story on ICC Cric

          Dear Mr Srinivasan, All the best. Your ezine PreSense is second to none. Regards, ... From: "Prime Point Srinivasan prpoint@... [prpoint]"
          Bobby Shivyana
          Apr 6

          Suggestions invited for title of the book - Important

          dear friends As you all know, our ezine PreSense has come out with 96th edition yesterday. We will touch the 100th edition in July. We plan to organise
          Prime Point Srinivasan
          Apr 1

          Re: The "Modi Govt." is there a PR study?

          Dear all, Yes, there seems to be more of media pickup on this and yes every party projects a leader. However, this seems to be more than a projection of a
            Apr 1
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            96th (March 2015) edition of ezine PreSense: Cover Story on ICC Cric

            hi We are pleased to release / attach herewith the 96th (March 2015) edition of ezine PreSense with the following contents: 1. Cover Story: Susan Koshy
            Prime Point Srinivasan
            Mar 31
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