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A National conference on Creative Writing in Science for Children.

​Dear All, ​ Greetings from the National Centre for Science Communicators. We are organizing a national conference on Creative Writing in Science for
3:14 AM
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Royal Skirt or a Royal bow - interesting piece on occupational hazar

Another week-end and time for another thought provoking column by S Narendra, former information adviser to PMs and ex-Govt of India Spokesperson. “Queen
BNK 24x7
11:19 PM

Four Lok Sabha MPs selected for Sansad Ratna 2015 Awards

Four Lok Sabha MPs are selected for the Sansad Ratna 2015 Awards for outstanding performance in the 16th Lok Sabha till the end of the budget session. The MPs
Prime Point Srinivasan
May 26

Of White Ghost and Foot-in-Mouth

Here comes yet another fantastic and untold story from the corridors of the country's power centre - the PMO - written by former Govt India spokesperson and
BNK 24x7
May 22

A Quick Survey on one year of Modi Government

hi Narendra Modi Government completes one year in this month. We plan to carry an analysis in the May 2015 issue of ezine PreSense. We have framed
Prime Point Srinivasan
May 21

PR as distinct from Media Relations

Several journalists over the years, who are largely influencers, have equated Public relations with Media Relations. Those who got into Public Relations or
John Thomas
May 18

There is nothing like a friendly journalist!

​​Here comes another fantastic insight into the functioning of the government, particularly the PM. In this column S. Narendra. a former Govt of India
BNK 24x7
May 15

Untold story: When 'Pak Bomb blast' was averted at Indian Press Conf

Here is a blasting story for your week-end read! Read all about the behind-the-scene activity on India’s nuclear explosion at Pokhran in 1998. *DRDO (defence
BNK 24x7
May 8

Where did we go wrong - #GoHomeIndianMedia campaign

The Nepal government on Monday asked all foreign teams engaging in rescue operations to withdraw their teams and return as the required work was almost
BNK 24x7
May 4

Re: An invitation to join a voluntary movement called PRCI

pL send me chennai chapter PRCI contact details to proceed further.ThanksM.Md.Murthuza On Saturday, April 25, 2015 11:16 AM, "BNK 24x7 mailbnk@...
munush 2007
May 4

Re: [prpoint] Before S*it hits the fan….Can Communicators be Whist

Dear BNK I really appreciate you for initiating this topic. Just like human body is prone for sickness, any organisation (Government, public sector, private
Prime Point Srinivasan
May 2

Before S*it hits the fan….Can Communicators be Whistle Blowers?

As I was editing Mr S Narendra’s column – Political Sandwich – for our e-mag PRrapport, this idea stuck me. Can Communicators be Whistle Blowers? Mr
BNK 24x7
May 2

Unshackling an elephant - Indian!

The political instability prevailing from October 1989 to 1991 in New Delhi had sent the national growth rate and nation’s morale to southwards as never
BNK 24x7
May 1

97th (April 2015) edition of Ezine PreSense: Cover Story on Babasahe

hi We are pleased to release the 97th (April 2015) Edition of ezine PreSense with the following contents. 1. Cover Story: K Srinivasan brings out unknown
Prime Point Srinivasan
May 1
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How should a PR person go about when the CEO is Media/PR shy?

Good Morning Friends, Here's a very beautiful post shared by a veteran PR Professionals and teach Prof. C.K. Sardana to make your holidays a bit intellectual.
Vikram Kharvi
May 1
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