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311Updated 11/14/07

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  • Jason Campbell
    Nov 14, 2007
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      ProWrestlingHistory.com has been updated.

      Added the new "Indy" section. This area is currently divided into three
      sections: nationally televised promotions, Philadelphia pre and post
      ECW, and Ohio/Michigan indies (a little nostalgia from my college days).

      IWRG I-C Middleweight Title Tournament 2007


      I'm looking for ideas on new projects for the website. I've got a lot
      of detail to add to the Mid-South Coliseum section (thanks to the
      newspaper clippings at Memphis Wrestling History at
      http://www.marksfiles.com/). I'm also planning on adding histories for
      SAPW (the late 80s/early 90s promotion in the Carolinas), PWF (Dusty's
      Florida promotion of the same time frame), and NWF (east cost indy from
      the 80s). I'm also going to add a section on wrestling from Dayton, OH
      (my hometown). If you have any ideas for additional promotion or city
      histories, let me know.

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