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223Update 10/10/04

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  • Jason Campbell
    Oct 10, 2004



      Pro Wrestling History has been updated.


      New Japan Sumo Hall October 2004

      WWE No Mercy 2004

      WWC Universal Title Tournament 2004





      Status of Other Projects


      The Omni – Project Cancelled.  I did so because the guys over at Georgia Wrestling History are doing an incredible job that far exceeds anything I was planning on doing. Their results are only up to 1970, but the site is the definitive source for Georgia wrestling information.


      ECW - I have finished collecting information on ECW (1996 - 2001). I am in the process of typing this information and hope to have it all posted by the end of the year.


      Mid-South Coliseum - The same status as ECW. In addition, I am researching MSC results from 1971 - 1990.