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  • lucha_tecnico_vs_rudo
    Hi, if you like seeing fair fighting, good looking baby faces (good guys) facing nasty, dirty fighting, sadistic heels in pro wrestling matches, please take a
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      Hi, if you like seeing fair fighting, good looking baby faces (good guys) facing nasty, dirty fighting, sadistic heels in pro wrestling matches, please take a look at my group. We have original stories, selected pictures, polls. The group is of course active and 100% spam/advertisement free. Only real people with real posts. Thanks!



      Here is one of the stories:

      Tony vs Ripper

      In this match,

      the side of wrestling skill and sportsmanship will be represented by a cute young rookie, wearing white trunks with black thin lighting lines, with a thin but lean athletic body we have the head shaved charming hero: Tony.

      on the corner of the sadists and cheaters, we have another newcomer, taller and heavier, this robust heel wears a black singlet, managed by retired wrestler Dirty Joe, ready to crush his rival: The Ripper.

      Scheduled to one fall, this match will pit a good looking crowd pleasing boy against a dark villainous figure that has no respect for the good people in the crowd.

      First comes cute Tony with his clean cut look, giving his charming smile to the crowd, this lean kid rushes toward the ring saluting the fans as he passes by. But people should not be mislead by his lean body and charm, this hard fighting stud has fire inside, he will take crap from no bully since he was a kid, his fighter spirit was always put to good use facing school bullies, neighborhood thugs. Running around the ring he gets greeted by all the eager kids, girls enjoy seeing him and kiss him, take pics, and the charming boy is more than eager to accommodate.

      Now comes the grim music, he wears a black cape and carries a torch, he immediately gets the crowd bad reply, he ignores them, he has no care for foolish kids or girls. Followed by his suit wearing manager Dirty Joe, this heel walks toward the ring waving his torch, claiming his greatness as the crowd boos.

      The two wrestlers on the ring give the perfect picture for a baby face (good guy) vs heel prowrestling match. One side, smiling, youthful, lean, wearing only trunks, boots, knee pads and wrist bands, putting his natural charm (and good looks) and wrestling skill in front, with no need for silly props, he is Tony. On the other side, grim looking, bigger, heavier, not lean but more robust and undefined, wearing the robe that gives an air of doom, he is sadistically and dirty fighting: The Ripper!

      The heel takes of his robe, they go to their corners and referee inspects them. This is the type of matches Dirty Joe wants for his protegé, a young, cute, smaller, weaker rookie; that is an easy win and an easy win to make a reputation for his heel as a baby face crusher. After all, Ripper had the size, the strength, the natural instinct for destroying his rivals relentlessly. The bell rings.

      In a gesture of sportsmanship, Tony extends his head to salute his rival (its a custom of sportsmanship, plus he is not intimidated by the "nast heel" act Ripper put up). The Ripper growls angrily, he slaps the kid's hand real hard and walks toward him, throws one nasty punch to his back, raises his other hand to deliver another one, but before he can deliver it he feels his face hit once, twice, three times. It seems Tony is more than good looks, the young stud was intermediately turned on by the heel's bad gesture, and he kept pounding the bad guy who had to cover his face with his hands.

      Tony sees this and quickly takes a large step ending at Ripper's side, he delivers a powerful kick to Ripper's leg, the monster grunts, Tony kicks again and again, trying to get him down.

      The manager doesn't like this. It seems Tony was not intimidated at all. The lean stud, the wrestler that's nice to the kids and people in the crowd, He actually had too much spirit!

      On the ring Ripper wants to get a hold of the baby face, but Tony is too smart, he moves too quickly and keeps kicking the heel's leg. Tony throws dropkicks, kicks, slaps, punches. Ripper has trouble capturing him, he has to cover his face from the boy's blows. The heel finally gets one hand on Tony's arm, the heel's grip is strong, but wrestling instinct is stronger, Tony shoves the heel's hand away, since he won't let go he grabs the heel's wrist and turns his body 360 degrees, twisting the heel's arm. No matter how much taller he is, the pressure on his shoulder by his twisted arm is very strong and he yells out in pain.

      This looks very bad for the heels! But it's looking great for the hero! The crowd goes wild in cheers! So happy to see the big bad bully go down! The crowd respects seeing a hard fighting hero applying nice clean wrestling to beat his rival.

      Joe decides to interfere and gets up the ring, referee rushed in, so Joe quickly delivers a strong kick to Tony's leg. The hero gets distracted and Ripper rolls forward easing the pressure on his shoulder, then he tackles the lean stud. Joe gets off the ring warned by the referee. Now Ripper is laying on top Tony and he starts pounding the kid's face mercilessly. Tony covers his face quickly, but Ripper is very angry and now that his victim is helpless he keeps pounding away at the now covered face, and also the chest. Poor Tony gets battered pretty bad. Ripper stops his pounding and goes for the kid's slim neck. "This will teach you punk some respect". The shaved clean-cut brawler shows some fear on his eyes as he feels the villain's strangling grip. Tony puts his hands on top of his rival's trying to ease the hold, but there is nothing he can do. He starts to go unconscious. He wants to fight back, but he is in a bad position, everything starts to fade away for the baby face. The referee comes and yells at the heel, he starts pulling him away, trying to get him away from the boy. The monster steps up and the hero quickly rolls away. Referee warns the heel.

      Tony rolled coughing. The stud is now closer to the ring edge, so Joe reaches for him and pulls him down. Cute Tony is standing, but still catching his air, Joe grabs the kid by the shoulders, keeps him at a kick's length and WHAM! he delivers the strongest kick he can give right on the kid's groin. The wrestler's family jewels get crushed real bad by the old man's foot. Tony bends forward in pain as the crowd boos the heel for cheating. Dirty Joe pulls on the hero and rolls him inside the ring where the referee was distracted by Ripper.

      Ripper smiles as he sees his boy toy with his hands over his groin, rolling in pain. Ripper rushes toward the kid, grabs him by the neck with both hands and lifts up him high. The bully feels really powerful as he lifts Tony all the way up, Tony's feet separate from the floor as he gets lifted. Ripper feels immense pleasure displaying the hero like this. It's exactly the image Joe wants to give of an immense unstoppable sadistic mauler in absolute control.

      The bully sends Tony down full strength, slamming his lean body against the mat. Tony cannot even roll away, Ripper stomps the kid's gut causing his to grunt loudly in pain. Again he lifts get him up, and he shoves his right hand right into the boy's bulge, getting a firm grip. Shocked, the kid's eyes open wide as he yells in pain, with his other hand the heel goes for the throat and lifts the baby face with both hands all the way up. One hand on Tony's neck, one on his crotch, the heel walks around the ring screaming as he raises and lowers his prey, showing everyone who's boss. With his vulnerable parts grabbed by the bully, Tony is unable to do do anything but scream and suffer. The heel closes his hand stronger, easing a little his grip over the bulge, only to close his hand firmly again, causing serious pain to the wrestler's jewels. Tony only yells in pain as the crowd watches angry how the bigger bully cheats and ball busts their good looking hero. After having his way punishing and showcasing his victim Ripper slams Tony down. The hero is done for. Ripper falls landing on Tony for an easy pin. The referee counts one, two and three.

      Joe climbs up. He raises Ripper's arm in victory as the heel steps on Tony's body. The picture Joe loved was finally accomplished. And for this time, cute brawler Tony was helpless to stop it.
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