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Andrea Stewart
Apr 3
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Dave Cowan
Mar 26
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Dave Cowan
Mar 11
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Andrea Stewart  http://rooguan.com/utf/news.php Andrea Stewart
    Andrea Stewart
    Feb 24
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    Dave Cowan  http://olcayirmak.com/jjlxxj/pctda.php Dave Cowan
      Dave Cowan
      Feb 22
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      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT He practices in Ocala and Lady Lake, Florida.
      Feb 17
      Merritt Island I will be in Jacksonville for my 36 month follow-up visit and want to travel to Merritt Island while I am in the area. Anyone on this forum live near there. I
      Feb 17
      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Who was this Gastroenterologist? I want to make sure I'm not going to him, as I'm having some rectal bleeding!
      Feb 16
      Question Fuller, I will be in Jax for my 36 month followup in the early April timeframe and am tentatively planning a trip to Merritt Island to photograph Scrub Jays
      Feb 10
      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT I had a similar experience, rectal bleeding bad enough to send me for APC by a local gastroenterologist in Florida. I have had no more bleeding but he scarred
      Feb 2
      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT I have not had any side effects. My PSA continues to decline. I finished treatment July 2012. If you would like to talk individually, feel free to email me
      Feb 1
      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Dave, Other than the bleeding, how well has the PBT worked? Has it controlled the cancer? Any other side effects? Doug
      Feb 1
      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT I completed PBT at MDA in January of 2009. 15 months later I experienced rectal bleeding that became quite heavy at times. I tried suppositories and other
      Feb 1
      Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of radiation proctitis: a case report and review of literature http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3539292/
        Chris Ellefson
        Jan 9
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        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT FYI: My doctor is Dr Lee at MD Anderson.  I bled significantly for 12 months with only their prescriptions for suppositories.  I carried spare underware and
        Danny Piper
        Jan 9
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        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Hi Danny Piper, Thank your for the information. If you don't mind.May I ask you what is the down time for the treatment,any ill effect after treatment & cost
        Chi Chang
        Jan 9
        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Chi: I suggest you try to quantify the amount of bleeding you are experiencing and let us know. It may determine the kind of advice you receive on this site.
        Jan 8
        How is other health/prevention? Everyone got their pneumonia vaccine? Flu vaccine? other? Regards __________ Information from ESET NOD32 Antivirus, version of virus signature database 9267
        Jan 8
        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Wow! Thanks to all who responded to this question. You've provided great information. I have not experienced any bleeding (so far) but understand that it
        Jan 8
        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Hi Chi, My first question is, what does your doctor who did your proton therapy recommend? He knows your situation better than any of us, because he has your
        David Stevens
        Jan 8
        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Hi Chi, I experienced rectal bleeding at 6 months after PBT and it went on for 3 months. I went to a couple of proctologists who strongly recommended that I
        Chris Ellefson
        Jan 8
        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT Hi, from the bowels of MD Anderson. Sorry don't mean to be flip, it's just that I was just in the hallways volunteering in one of the Brachy GU clinics today
        Joe Landry
        Jan 8
        Re: Rectal Bleeding after PBT I had serious rectal bleeding, which started after a 2011 MD Anderson performed colonoscopy, which was done one year after PBT in 2010.  For one year, nothing
        Danny Piper
        Jan 8
        Rectal Bleeding after PBT Hi Fuller, What is the best treatment for rectal bleeding after PBT. I finished PBT July-2011. After 9 months I started rectal bleeding till now.  Thank you.
        Chi Chang
        Jan 8
        Re: Question on PSA Tests This is for Glen, and others I hope will learn too. There are actually two PSA tests. 1. The PSA test we all know and loathe. 2. A test for "Free" PSA. This is
        Richard Vance
        Jan 7
        Re: Question on PSA Tests Allow me to add that the PSA level varies with hydration. Recording and plotting mine for many years showed a seesaw effect which I was bale to relate to
        Jan 7
        Re: Question on PSA Tests Thanks for your excellent tutorial on PSA, Chris! Let me add one additional point: I had a long talk on the phone with my Loma Linda doc, Ben Rodney Jabola,
        Milt Baker
        Jan 7
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        Re: Happy New Year and Apologies FWIW, I'm getting your messages. AFA health is concerned, PBeam cleared up my BPH. I no longer need BPH meds. Regards ... From: donandmar@... To:
        Jan 7
        Re: Test I am still receiving all of the posts, as well. Dave K "A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again."
        Jan 7
        Re: Test *Then why did I get this message?? *
        David Drexler
        Jan 6
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