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  • Ora K
    Aug 10, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may Rafael Uri ben Tamar and Eden bat Tamar each be blessed with complete health, happiness, and only revealed good. 

      It is told of the 19th century Jewish moralist Rabbi Israel Salanter that when he offered criticism during public lectures he would announce: "Don't think that I am innocent of all the offenses I am enumerating. I too have committed some of them. All that I am doing, therefore, is speaking aloud to myself, and if anything you might overhear applies to you also, well and good".

      Salanter's technique can be very effective in making criticism sound nonthreatening and encouraging. If you yourself have grappled with the trait you are criticizing, be sure to say so. If you are not guilty of the fault, you can cite your own struggles with comparable faults and the efforts you have made to overcome them.

      (Words that Hurt Words that Heal by Joseph Telushkin)

      Create a wonderful day!
      - Ora

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