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  • Ora K
    Aug 5, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may all of the soldiers of the IDF and all of the people of Israel be blessed with complete safety, health, and only revealed good. May all of the injured soldiers and civilians be blessed with an immediate refuah shleima bitoch she'ar cholei yisrael. 

      Foresight is a crucial key to avoiding causing pain with words. If a person takes a moment before speaking to consider the impact of their words, infinite damage can be prevented. 

      We need to restrain the impulse to speak long enough to think: Will these words cause the other person to feel discouraged, anxious, depressed, or wounded? Will they plant an idea that will trouble the person, possibly for days or weeks to come? If one of these outcomes seems likely, or even possible, then the words about to be spoken can be ona'at devarim

      (Positive Word Power by the Chafetz Chaim Heritage Foundation)

      Create a meaningful day!
      - Ora

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