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1719Tisha B'av

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  • Ora K
    Aug 5 2:32 AM
      In merit of this learning may we all be blessed with clarity, revealed good, and redemption. May we merit to be able to create peace and unity, to focus on the good within each person and to build a whole and unified people. 

      On this day we should remember that the Beit Hamikdash, our ultimate symbol of peace, Godliness and perfection, was not destroyed because people followed different, opposite, and maybe difficult to understand beliefs, behaviors, halachot, or minhagim. Rather, the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed because we as individuals and groups forgot that we were part of a nation and could not figure out how to put unity and God above our own desires or ego's; we couldn't manage to focus on the larger and more critical values of our national purpose and truth. Tisha B'av is a day in which we contemplate the devastating consequences of this sinat chinam, baseless hatred. May we all have a meaningful fast and strive to perpetuate ahavat chinam, groundless love. May we remember to focus on the primary elements and values of Torah and Judaism without God forbid throwing them out in favor of the secondary ones. 

      Create a meaningful fast. 
      - Ora

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