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170218 Tammuz

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  • Ora K
    Jul 16, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may Yocheved bat Miriam, Chana bat Bracha, and Moshe ben Sara each be blessed with an immediate refuah shleima bitoch she'ar cholei yisrael. 

      Speaking negatively about one's siblings (even to other siblings or one's parents) is considered lashon hara. Obviously this does not apply if it is being done for a constructive purpose and all conditions are met. However, it is important to be honest, reflective, and sensitive when deciding whether or not speaking about these people closest to us is for a constructive purpose. 

      Oftentimes in families it can seem like all information is known anyways and speaking about something negative that can put siblings in a negative light is not a secret, so it is easier and feels less gossipy to speak about. The truth is that the closer we are to a person, the more closely we are involved in their lives, the easier it is to cause harm with the way we speak about them. By speaking negatively we change the way other siblings, the parents, and even we ourselves relate to and respect the person being spoken about. Because we are so close to the person being spoken about we can really create a negative identity for them, one that only exists because of the glasses we wear when looking. 

      (Purity of Speech by C.T. Friedman)

      Create a meaningful day!
      - Ora

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