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1587Friday & Shabbat Parshat Vayakhel

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  • Ora K
    Feb 21, 2014
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      In the merit of this learning may Galya bat Yehudis be blessed with complete health, happiness, success, clarity, and only revealed good. 

      In this weeks Torah portion two concepts are repeated a number of times: wise-heartedness and generosity of heart - chachmat lev and nediv lev. These two concepts are connected. Generosity of heart is wisdom. People who are generous of heart see the good in others, they aren't quick to find fault, they are giving and so can easily give the benefit of the doubt. When we develop and utilize such character traits there will be unity among the people and then the entire nation will be assembled as one. When one speaks it must be with the sole purpose of enlightening, illuminating and uplifting one's fellow. Never, G-d forbid, to humiliate or break them.

      When you see someone frequently, learn to read their facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. These are indicators of their mood and will give you messages as to what you should and should not say at any given moment. There are family members who repeatedly get into fights by saying  things that can and should be said, but at a more opportune time. When someone comes home exhausted, don't greet them at the door with what s/he would consider an attack when all they need is peace and quiet to unwind. If someone only had 3 hours of sleep the night before, speak in a softer tone of voice than usual and save topics that could irritate them for a different time. 

      (Finding the Right Words by Rosally Saltsman and The power of Words by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
      Create a beautiful, holy and peaceful Shabbat!
      - Ora

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