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15713 Adar

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  • Ora K
    Feb 2, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may Omri ben Roberta, Daniel ben Devorah, Maor ben Ronit and Eilon ben Nava each be blessed with an immediate refuah shleima bitoch she'ar cholei yisrael. 

      There are two ways to approach the mitzva of Shmirat Halashon. The simple method is abstinence and self-discipline. The natural temptation to indulge in gossip must be quelled. This is a difficult task because the struggle is ongoing and constant, but ultimately the mind can and must control the desires of the heart. Someone who exerts self-control over his speech is constantly involved in (fighting) negativity – "I can't say this, I shouldn't relate that, etc." Such a person is doing a great good by not conveying his negative feelings to others, but his heart is not yet a sanctuary for G‑dliness.


      Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the "Alter Rebbe," offers an alternative approach: A person who works to really respect every individual and eradicates all negativity from his heart becomes a naturally loving person. Instead of fighting the darkness, he is expelling it through shining a light in his heart.
      (Positive Speech by Naftali Silberberg)

      Create a meaningful day!
      - Ora

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