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1569Friday & Shabbat Parshat Trumah

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  • protectourspeech
    Jan 30, 2014

      In the merit of this learning may Galya bat Yehudis be blessed with complete health, happiness, success, clarity and only revealed good. 

      Whenever you speak about lofty thoughts, ask yourself whether you really experience them. In your own behavior do you actually follow the principles you speak about? If not, do not stop speaking about your ideals, but elevate your behavior. 

      There have been man intellectuals throughout the ages who have espoused profound philosophical ideals. They have expressed the most elevated thoughts of universal love for humanity. But in their own private lives they have been arrogant and cared only for their ideas but not for the people with whom they actually had to deal on a daily basis. This is not the Torah concept of a Talmud Chacham, a Torah scholar. To be considered a true Torah scholar and not merely someone who carries a lot of book knowledge around, one must practice the lofty ideals that they speak about. 

      (Growth Through Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin)

      Create a  beautiful, meaningful, holy and happy Shabbat!

      - Ora 

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