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1563Friday & Shabbat Parshat Mishpatim

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  • Ora K
    Jan 23, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may Galya bat Yehudis be blessed with complete health, happiness, success, clarity and only revealed good. 

      In this weeks Torah portion (Parshat Mishpatim) the Torah speaks of the responsibility we have toward the people whom we have hurt, either deliberately or by accident, and the ways in which we can repair the damage. But when we speak negatively about others, there isn't any way to repair the damage, not through indenture. The damage has been done and we are responsible. 

      The parsha discusses the sensitivity we have to show to people who may be vulnerable.Compassion is one of the main qualities that characterize the Jewish people. Whoever guards themselves from speaking negatively about others can count themselves among the compassionate of Israel. 

      (Finding the Right Words by Rosally Saltsman)

      Create a beautiful, happy, and holy Shabbat!
      - Ora 

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