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156222 Shevat

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  • Ora K
    Jan 22, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may Shira Naama bat Liba be blessed with an immediate refuah shleima bitoch she'ar cholei yisrael. 

      Effects of listening to negative speech:
      True story:

      Jason and Susan wanted to move to Israel and began to do research. They formed a club together with ten other families to share information, support, and strength. Once a month for two years they met and shared their plans and valuable information. Through government offices and other support groups, a wealth of information and helpful hints were at their disposal. Out of ten families, eight ended up moving to Israel successfully. Of course there were cultural adjustments and challenges but it was the best thing they ever did. Two families did not move.

      What happened to the other two? A family from their community who had moved to Israel two years before had just returned. Coming back was difficult, and they felt like failures. In order to justify their return, they played up all the difficulties and troubles of living in Israel to anyone who would listen. They spoke negatively about the systems, bureaucracy, people, culture.... etc. Those two families listened and never moved.  Listening to negative speech is a choice. Choose wisely. 

      (Gossip by Lori Palatnik with Bob Burg)

      Create a meaningful day!
      - Ora

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