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156020 Shevat

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  • Ora K
    Jan 20, 2014
      In the merit of this learning may Moshe ben Sara be blessed with an immediate refuah shleima bitoch she'ar cholei yisrael. 

      Keep in mind that Biblical laws about speech apply not only to talking about people, but also about organizations, groups of people and an individual you probably never expected - you. 

      Yes, you are not allowed to speak badly about yourself! If you put yourself down, you are transgressing these laws. By doing so, in essence, you are saying that Gd blew it. G-d doesn't blow it. He made you in His image, and G-d doesn't make junk. So forget the self-deprecating dialogue. You are unique. You are special. You have potential for greatness. Now use that potential for good. 

      (Gossip by Lori Palatnik with Bob Burg)

      Create a meaningful day!
      - Ora

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