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85275Fw: FOB Pitbull calls for reinforcements

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  • steve mason
    Aug 30 1:44 PM
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      Please share this information with everyone in your network of contacts.


      SITREP 1300 hours MST 30 August 2014:  Over the past 72 hours, there have been no less than 18 separate attempts by armed insurgents to probe the outer Observation Posts that support the Arizona Militia's Forward Operating Base, FOB Pitbull.

      Size of the enemy teams varies from 4 to 10 individuals, each armed with either a tactical carbine or a long-range sniper type rifle.  We suspect that these are insurgent Scout/Sniper teams that are looking for a way to bring through smuggled contraband and foreign nationals, but who are also equipped for taking long-range shots at our Militia volunteers.

      All of this activity is taking place within sight of the southern border in Arizona, within one of the most heavily-traveled corridors that are used by the mexican insurgents.

      Qualified volunteers are needed at our FOB right NOW.  Volunteers are urged to contact the FOB Commander ASAP at bornofthehorses@... .

      We need Warriors willing to keep our FOB from being over-run by the insurgents.  

      The Arizona Militia is also accepting donations of supplies, equipment, and gear.  For a list of needed items, and instructions on how to donate, please visit http://www.arizonamilitia.com .

      Buy More Ammo, America.  Support your local Militia.  This won't end pretty.

      Please spread this far and wide. 

      John "Jack" Foote, KE7FDZ 
      "Igitur qui desiderat Pacem, praeparet Bellum."