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Mt. Knight El. 7,271 ft." (was RE: [prominence] Manly Peak)

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  • Mark Adrian
    Adam, greetings ... First off, I assume Towne BM is now within the DVNP boundary as is that new sign. What is disturbing to me, is that a couple of years ago
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2014

      Adam, greetings ...


      First off, I assume Towne BM is now within the DVNP boundary as is that “new” sign.

      What is disturbing to me, is that a couple of years ago the “current administration” at DVNP
      went on a mission to remove (DPS) peak registers. It was big press in the DPS newsletter.

      You can access the Sage archives online.

      There’s no search engine however to find reference articles.

      Perhaps other readers here may recall that controversy.

      Again, like your eviction, one ponders *WHY* DVNP cares about a tin can atop a remote peak,
      let alone the cost of removal ..... our tax dollars at work!


      In fact, I wrote a letter in protest to the then DVNP superintendent.

      Of course, once “The Administration” makes a
      decision, most if not all public input is “conveniently dismissed”.

      DVNP was however, selective in allowing certain peaks to retain existing registers,
      while others would be removed. That sign you’ve discovered
      is an anomaly and no way to tell when it was erected.

      It’s not very faded, so perhaps in the past couple years or so.

      This is their only regulation I could find on the DVNP URL :

      "Geocaching" articles left at a geocache site unclaimed for over 24 hours will become impounded.


      So, in my opinion, that new sign is clearly MUCH larger than an innocuous register or geo/terra cache.

      And I would suspect there are many geo/terra caches scattered all over that Park on non-summits.


      I would suggest you or someone advise the DVNP superintendent and ask what
      that sign is doing (illegally?) on “our” property.



      The sign looks very “amateur” and there’s no DVNP logo.

      If it’s outside DVNP boundary, then it’s beyond their jurisdiction.

      My current map shows it to be *just* west of (outside) the then DVNM boundary @ 7287’.

      From the looks of their .PDF map of the Park, Towne BM is clearly now inside the boundary.

      I climbed this years ago with Gail Hanna.

      I would conclude some climber decided to informally name the summit and place the signage.
      Why that name? Well, only they would know. And also, why is the elevation (intentionally) lower and incorrect?

      I don’t see a nickname on JoJ either, nor is there an NGS datasheet.




      As for “credit”, when you submit your list completion announcement to the DPS,
      you simply note the dates when you climbed the peaks. Essentially, it’s on the honor system.

      So, I wouldn’t say “credit is given”, but rather, “credit is not denied” .

      Of course, the DPS’s Chairperson would be the best authority on their current policy.






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         Hello Dan,


        I await a discussion of the two questions posed in my original note to this group -



      A.  Are there OTHER DPS peaks where credit is given even though the highest point is not reached?


      B.  Why is there a new sign "Mt. Knight El. 7,271 ft." atop Towne Benchmark - and with the benchmark itself

           defaced with "7271" scratched atop it's face, overwriting the well-known value of 7,287 feet?



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