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5 desert peak trip report; what's with "Mount Knight"?

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  • Adam Helman
    Hello folks, My report is here - http://www.cohp.org/personal/California_desert_prominences_April_2014.html with a bunch of pictures, route descriptions (when
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2014
      Hello folks,
         My report is here -
         with a bunch of pictures, route descriptions (when appropriate) and a dynamic map
      of the entire driving route.
          Here's a stunning picture of sedimentary folding as taken by mountain guide Kurt Wedberg
      while on the Manly Peak hike/climb -
         and Kurt's online Manly Peak photo album (link to it is in the report as well) -
          Atop Towne Benchmark I found a completely NEW sign (unbleached by UV light) labeled "Mt. Knight EL. 7,271 ft." -
         This is bizarre as I've never seen any mention on the Internet of "Mount Knight" rather
      than "Towne Benchmark" for this 2,000+ foot prominence. Furthermore the Towne Benchmark disk itself
      appears to be defaced, with "7,271" scrawled with an jittery hand atop where it SHOULD be reading "7,287" -
      the well-known elevation of this summit.
                                                                               WHAT GIVES? 
          I apologize for not taking a photograph of that benchmark; and now that the desert peakpagging season
      has effectively ended (due to gathering heat) it will be at least a half year until somebody can verify my observations. 
          Perhaps some of you more USGS-savvy types can research the matter and determine what's going on!
          You'll read about the old lady's camper which was set ablaze (and how I assisted);
      how I was kicked out of my sleeping quarters by a National Park ranger;
      and how my engine's ignition key failed to "turn" - which was QUITE upsetting until resolved.
          All part of the adventure....
                                   Adam Helman
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