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Denali 2015

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  • Adam Helman
    Hello folks, I shall continue to pursue my Denali dreams next year with a private guide of considerable experience both there and on Earth s significant
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2014
      Hello folks,
          I shall continue to pursue my Denali dreams next year with a private guide
      of considerable experience both there and on Earth's significant mountains.
          Please JOIN US for the 2015 climbing season,
      with an emphasis on "June" to address my cold hands.
      Guide Kurt Wedberg founded Sierra Mountaineering International in 1995 -
      and has succeeded 10 of 13 times on "The Great One", Denali,
      success defined as clients at the summit. That's somewhat higher
      than the statistical average of just barely over 50% year-on-year.
          His resume is posted -
          whence you'll find multiple ascents of Everest plus many
      of Earth's great mountains, AMGA certification and much more.
               (Wouldn't you too not want him to be on your team?)
          Exact dates will not be known until August as Kurt must coordinate
      with Mountain Trip, one of the few companies authorized to guide at Denali,
      and must select among their junior guides to flesh-out the expedition staff.
          I climbed with Mountain Trip last year, and despite failure had a memorable
      time that won't soon be forgotten.
          Please contact Kurt directly for more information:  kurt@...
      while "cc'ing" me privately (i.e. not to the cohp newsgroup) so I know
      whether this campaign for partners bore fruit.  Thank you.
          I have not yet been quoted a price since it depends on the
      client count. However his prices are competitive with what one
      would pay for joining a standard guided expedition.
           Climbing Denali is extremely rigorous both physically and emotionally.
      Do not consider the West Buttress, our chosen route, a mere "walk-up"
      simply because it lacks technical climbing.  
           You must have plenty of winter camping experience, roped glacier travel,
      and preferentially have been higher than Mount Whitney at some foreign venue.
           Denali is not the place to be learning these items!
            This web page by Edward Earl is a fair indicator of whether you are
      prepared -
         - and if not, Kurt surely has recommendations for how to make good
           any perceived shortfalls with fully 15 months to address them.
           There is never a guarantee of success as defined above.
      However I sense that this expedition maximizes that outcome.
      Therefore if you only have one opportunity to attempt Denali,
      logic dictates that you consider this offer.
            PLEASE JOIN US!
                                   Adam Helman
      PS   Some of you have already attempted Denali or plan to
              in a few short months. You have received this note on the
              outside chance that, as with myself, permanent failure is not an option.
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