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Navajo Mountain Permit info and TR from Rick Hartman

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  • Andy Martin
    To: Prominence Egroup Bob Sumner & Mark Adrian (DPS) Scott Casterlin (SAHC) Rick Hartman (Andy) Rick has some info on the Navajo Mountain permit situation.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2011
      To: Prominence Egroup
      Bob Sumner & Mark Adrian (DPS)
      Scott Casterlin (SAHC)
      Rick Hartman

      Rick has some info on the Navajo Mountain permit
      situation. This peak has over 4000 feet prominence.

      Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 07:42:31 -0700
      From: Rick Hartman

      Anyhow, it [the permit] was for: "Navajo Mountain Trail"
      and issued by the Navajo
      Nation Park office in Cameron, AZ. I requested it by phone perhaps 10
      days ago; this being previewed by an in-person visit by me to the
      Cameron Park office /over a year ago/ to determine if in fact permits
      were being issued for Navajo Mtn at all...and the staff person /then
      /assured me, they were! Our permit specified "Navajo Mountain Trail" on
      it...we used the two (previously done) trip reports by Dean Molen and
      Dennis Poulan (each done by them re: their shared hike) and posted on
      two separate hiking sites (Summit Post and another site). Their trip
      reports were outstanding, and navigation they described for the access
      road to the "TH" was right on. The "trail" is identified on the Delorme
      Utah Atlas/Gazetteer and really is nothing more than the 4x4 Cell-Site
      maintenance road. Our experience was the road is in far better shape
      NOW, than then, and we /could have/ driven upwards of 9,000 feet with a
      better 4x4 (mine a Ford Explorer and Mark's Toyota Tacoma, /which itself
      was fully capable to do so/...); but we elected to stop at some 7200 or
      7400 feet as specified by Molen's report. BUT upon hiking it, we
      discovered: the road has been recently bladed and is actually drivable
      all the way to the summit, but a blanket of some 12" of snow at 9,000
      feet and upward, prevented even the cel-site maintenance guy's 4x4 p/u
      from getting to the top, even though a snow-cat had recently cleared and
      compacted snow lying on the dirt road. /We would have failed in our
      bid/, had not the snow cat compacted the snow, as the 12" of snow was
      soft and any continued post holing for that distance would have worn us
      out. So by walking on the firm compacted snow, we just moved right along
      (up and down) with just our basic hiking shoes, nothing more. A blue sky
      day, some 70 degrees and 12" of snow everywhere... it gets no better
      than that!

      So it is open to hikers /now/, even though BOTH Andy /_AND_/ Mark said
      they had _previous_ Navajo Nation Permits issued to them that had
      printed on them: "Navajo Mountain was 'off-limits' or 'closed to
      hikers'. " _This is no longer the case, even on their Park web-site,
      which does list closed areas._ The fees are $5.00 per person dayhike,
      plus $5.00 per night if camping on the Reservation. My permit was
      obtained thru the mail, after speaking with "Glen" on the phone (he
      signed the permit too) at the Cameron Park Office: I mailed a postal
      money order (or /certified check/...*NO* personal checks or cash by
      mail, per Park policy!) to the Park Office Visitor Center (at:) P.O.
      Box 459, Cameron, AZ 86020. Other contact methods: Phone: (928)
      679-2303, E-mail:
      <mailto:lcr@.../permits>/permits .

      Best of luck!

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