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Re: [prominence] Idaho Prominence

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  • Edward "7.389056099" Earl
    ... I finished CA 2000 some time ago, and I m essentially done with NV 2000 . The only sense in which I m not done with NV 2000 is that I haven t yet gone
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 1, 2001
      > I'd like to see lists down to 2,000' for all the lower 48 states.
      > Seven are still not finalized - CA, NV, CO and a lesser
      > demand for ID, MT, UT, OR. Edward has started on CA and NV.
      I finished CA 2000' some time ago, and I'm essentially done with NV 2000'. The
      only sense in which I'm not done with NV 2000' is that I haven't yet gone far
      enough into OR, ID, and UT to buffer it completely, so there are still a few
      peaks whose prominence is not yet pinned all the way down (as far as the
      computer analysis is concerned). Other than that, NV 2000' is done.

      Edward "7.389056099" Earl
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