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Re: The untouched quads of the Southwest

We have ongoing construction detours by some of the peaks in Traphill, Bottom, and McGrady quads in NC. On my next trip, I will take pictures and upload them
Rachel Spurlock
Nov 22

Re: The untouched quads of the Southwest

Andy, Do you have a similar summary for the high country of south Appalachia? Peaks along the Blue Ridge Parkway, I=81, and the Appalachian Trail are well
Rachel Spurlock
Nov 21

Re: The untouched quads of the Southwest

... Thanks Andy. Nice tidy concept. ... Sadly a few p100m summits are holding out although all have I think been climbed by someone albeit names unknown It
Rob Woodall
Nov 20

Re: The untouched quads of the Southwest

... Summary: the map scale is 1:24,000 and the maps cover roughly 14km north south, 11km east west. In more detail, the quads shown by LOJ in the lower 48 all
Andy Martin
Nov 20

Re: The untouched quads of the Southwest

Interesting project Andy. What's the dimension of a quad for the benefit of this Englishman? Rob On 20 Nov 2015 22:51, "Andy Martin oldadit@...
Rob Woodall
Nov 20

The untouched quads of the Southwest

To: prominence egroup plus some hikers The LOJ Quadrangle progress maps are a good way to identify quadrangles in a state with summits, but no LOJ ascents. HI
Andy Martin
Nov 20

Re: Alan Bernier hikes all 648 ranked peaks in NH

albee is a young guy and a trail runner, unless he burns out or gets a real job he could well finish ME and VT probably nobody else will finish NH due to a
Nov 3

Alan Bernier hikes all 648 ranked peaks in NH

Ran across this info on LOJ forum: http://listsofjohn.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1191&p=6377#p6377 Discussion follows - Andy (Tor) ... Agree, this is an
Andy Martin
Nov 2

Alegres, NM

A handful of climbers have ascended Alegres Mountain in New Mexico. I'm wondering about access. Has anyone tracked down the owner and requested permission?
Ken Jones
Oct 27

Re: winprom software released

This is the full version that can do everything, including divide trees. There are some instructions at the link Jim sent, and Edward also wrote some basic
Andrew Kirmse
Oct 24

Re: winprom software released

Is this the master version that can generate divide trees? I wondered if someone would take up the curator spot after Edward, but I guess releasing the source
Oct 23

winprom software released

Hello Prominence folks, Many of you may be familiar with Edward's winprom software-it allows prominence researchers to create prominence maps from DEM data. I
Oct 23

John Kirk adds lower 48 prominence progress maps to LOJ

(Facebook listsofjohn.com group) John Kirk October 21 at 9:18am Added progress maps for Contiguous US 5k, 4k, 3k, and 2k Prominence:
Andy Martin
Oct 21

Re: Idaho 2,000 ft Prominence

Congratulations Ken!  Thanks for the detailed email. Take care out there, Steve Fry Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone ... From:
steve fry
Oct 17

Re: Idaho 2,000 ft Prominence

My thanks to all who have passed on their good wishes relative to my Idaho P2K completion. It feels very good to have completed that list at last! Although
Oct 16
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