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Seeking climbing partners

I live in the Puget Sound area and I am seeking climbing partners. Please call or text me at 480.628.5575 if you live in the Puget Sound area. Ken
Ken Akerman
Jul 17

Re: handlevel ??

My Seco is 200g/ 8oz, Bob's KR (as of a few years ago) was similar as I recall, perhaps a little lighter Rob On 17 Jul 2017 9:05 p.m., "Petter Bjørstad
Rob Woodall
Jul 17

Successful ascent of Baring Mountain (6,125 feet), a high-prominence

To the members of Prominence, On Saturday, July 15 I ascended Baring Mountain (6,125 feet), one of the most
Ken Akerman
Jul 17

Re: handlevel ??

Hi Bob, Thanks for useful info. How heavy is it, I will need to carry it above 5000 meter.. Best, Petter
Petter Bjørstad
Jul 17

Re: handlevel ??

I suggest a hand level made by Kuker-Ranken Inc, Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA, model 572-S. I've owned 5 hand levels and this one is by far the best. Bob Packard
Robert W Packard
Jul 17

Re: handlevel ??

... Hi Petter I know you meant to contact me direct but it's a topic worthy of the forum I think There are several options 1) Hand level, seems to be popular
Rob Woodall
Jul 17

Re: handlevel ??

Dear Mr. Bjorstad, Several sources are listed on the internet in the U.S. under the subject "Hand Level" --and they are indeed handy. Avoids having to go back
Jul 15

handlevel ??

Hi Rob, I observe the normal HIGH activity via FB... I do hope your summer is and will progress nicely. The summer in Norway is not looking very good this year
Petter Bjørstad
Jul 15


I don't know how these compare to Cape Cod, however there are deep potholes along abandoned proglacial channels of the Westfield River in Chester, Hampden
Jul 5

Re: What is the prominence definition of a "hole" ?

These are known as "pits" in the topography jargon. They can indeed be found by essentially flipping the terrain over and running the same prominence
Andrew Kirmse
Jul 4

Re: Visual superiority

On the African question, we did see Kili from Mt Kenya but (I think) not the other way round as Kenya is less obvious and often in cloud. Rob On 4 Jul 2017
Rob Woodall
Jul 4

Re: The deepest holes list. Trip Report to Massachusetts

As anyone from New England knows, there are plenty of Massholes on the Cape. I am surprised Andy could identify just four! Perhaps they are hiding in New
Douglas Harris
Jul 4

Visual superiority

Here's a question that came to me on top of Mount Shasta the other day. It seems to me (Jonathan, correct me if I'm wrong) that the highest peak visible from
Metzler, David
Jul 3

What is the prominence definition of a "hole" ?

... Neither ? For folks who have not run across this topic the definition is below. The full write up and list is at
Andy Martin
Jul 3

The deepest holes list. Trip Report to Massachusetts

Andy Martin, keeper of the deepest hole of each state list, reports that there are four possible deepest holes for Massachusetts, all on Cape Cod. None deeper
Jul 3
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