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3645'Prominencians Peak'

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  • John Roper
    Jul 13 9:08 PM
      Washingtonians Eric and Bob, thanks for the support for the Prominencian

      Edward, I've taken the uninspired naming route myself a time or two,
      applying an already existing map name (usually on a creek or lake) to an
      unnamed summit at or near the head of the creek--lazily naming by upward
      migration. First a creek gets named after an insignificant character (often
      a prospector with a local cabin more than a century ago) who comes to his
      senses and goes back to town and gets a real job, then the lake upstream
      gets the same name, then the peak above the creek above the lake repeats the
      original mistake.

      This 5139' Garfield CoGPP is unnamed on the map. The first name proposed
      for it, from a 1/22/06 prominence posting, was offered by none other than
      Andy M, who wanted to call it "Martins Mystery Mountain." He was joking of
      course, as was I when for a while it appeared on my list of the WA CoGPPs as
      "Andy's Noel" after the two Prominencians who pointed out my oversight in
      not appreciating Jeff Howbert's correct complete analysis of the entire quad
      it was on that he'd sent me two years before in 2004! (I was looking at
      Jeff's website http://howbert.netherweb.com/mountains/masterindexc.html
      when making the list which did not yet show the peaks on USGS Diamond
      Peak--and still does not.)

      When I finally got around to listing and hiking it, the name "Prominencians
      Peak" was chosen for this unnamed summit to pay tribute to the concept of
      prominence and the unique band of folks around the world that wrap a part of
      their lives around it. So the peak's going to keep that name, at least in
      my mind. There isn't a sole in the world that is going to repeat this climb
      unless they are paying attention to prominence (except maybe a lost hunter).

      But if any of you want to call or think of yourselves by any other term than
      Prominencian, that's fine by me.

      John Roper

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      Eric Noel
      Using geographic placeholder names is a sensible method in general for
      helping to
      describe the location via the name for these obscure COGPP mtns. However,
      the general mtneering principle of naming rights being given to those who
      claim the FA should remain intact for these mtns just as they would on
      another other mtn. John Roper climbed it and so Prominencian Peak it is.

      "Edward \"7.389056099\" Earl" <esquared@...>
      > However, as an assiduous compiler of county prom points, I've been in the
      > position of having to find a convenient name for a heretofore unnamed peak
      > number of times, and my usual way of doing so is entirely different. I
      > name the peak after some nearby feature that already has a name. For
      > >
      > As far as the Garfield WA prom point is concerned, I suggest "Melton Peak"
      > the creek that runs down the gully on the east side of the mountain.